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Another Environmental Disaster


What Can You Do?

By now you've seen all the news and heard the stories about Japans Nuclear power plant exploding.   It's a terrible disaster and Many lives will be lost over this.  But what's done is done and now all we can do is provide support to aid groups, etc, right?  Actually there is more we can do.  We need to really look at this event and decide, 'Is Nuclear Power really necessary?'  Are there other alternatives to Nuclear power or Coal power?  The answer is YES.  Maybe 30 yrs ago nuclear power seemed the answer to our power needs, but this is today and the risks are NOT WORTH IT!
We keep putting our hands over our ears and going na na na naaa na na, and pretending nothing happened and it will all be ok.  Sorry folks, it's not going to be ok.  It WILL happen again and more lives will be lost, more cities will become un-inhabitable.  Or more sea life will be poisoned and destroyed and lives ruined.

I mean, this one even has devastated a huge part of their food supply, water supply and who knows how much sea life has been poisoned.  Radiation poising is terrible.  It can cause problems in families for generations to come and is not a quick fix.


There's a lot you can do.  For the short term, let your representatives know about your feelings about nuclear power.  Tell your friends and family, spread the word.

Most importantly, Educate yourself.  Learn about the alternative energy choices we have.  Discover what you can do on a small scale to make a difference.  Learn what you can do on a large scale. 

On a small scale, you can make it a goal to implement more and more forms of alternative energy into your life.  Put Solar on your house, improve your homes efficiency, run your car on a renewable, safe form of energy.  If you drive a diesel, look into Biodiesel, a fuel made from renewable fuel sources such as canola, mustard seed, and even algae.  Biodiesel is renewable, bio-degradeable and non toxic, plus it puts out about 80% LESS pollution than petro diesel.  There are many other forms of alternative energy for vehicles such as electric, hybrid technology, Hydrogen, etc.  To try a type of hydrogen yourself, check out our HHO system HERE.


The Solution?

Ok, I don't profess to have all the answers, but I do know one thing, Nuclear power is dangerous.  Petroleum power is dangerous and in limited supply.  Coal power is Dangerous, despite the attempt by the Coal companies to convince us otherwise.
It's time to look at investing more in alternative energy sources such as wind power, geo thermal, solar and others.  Or, we can just let the situation subside and slowly forget about it, Again.  We do this all the time people.  This is not the first Environmental disaster we've been responsible for as humans.  There has been many such as the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, Three Mile Island, The BP Oil Spill and Many others.  It's time to wake up.  Petroleum and Nuclear power is NOT safe!  I'm not saying turn them off right now, or quit drilling, but we need to develop and invest in alternative energy.
Just think, if a tanker of Biodiesel ran aground somewhere, the environmental impact would be MUCH less.  I mean, often when there is a spill of biodiesel they course of actions is.... nothing.  They just clean it up a bit and let mother nature take care of it.  It's biodegradeable so it will simply break down and return to nature.  Or what about wind power?  Imagine a disaster there.  Maybe a fan blade snaps off and puts a big dent in the ground, or one quits working and..... stops.  I mean, there are many safer ways of producing power than our current methods.  So it's time to re think, time to implement even more wind power, more biodiesel, more electric cars and slowly phase out the highly toxic, dangerous forms we now use.
But unfortunately, I'm not sure we'll learn yet.  To many people want to knock the alternative powers and insist we can 'Build it Safer'.  But folks, mother nature is Way more powerful than we are and I don't believe there is such a thing as a earthquake/Tsunami proof power plant.  Even if there is, there will never be a human safe form of this energy.




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