Are you Paying around $4.00 a Gallon for Diesel?  Why?

Make Your Own Biodiesel

For about $1.00 a Gallon!

Works in most any Diesel engine


What is Biodiesel?

The simplest explanation is that Biodiesel is an EPA approved renewable alternative fuel that is most commonly made from used Cooking Oil.  This is not the same as running straight vegetable Oil (SVO) in a diesel as SVO is NOT an EPA approved fuel because it has to many drawbacks and problems.  In addition SVO requires thousands of dollars of modifications to your vehicle which are not easily transferred to newer vehicles.

Biodiesel is made from cooking oil through a chemical reaction using properly designed Processors such as those available from us here at EZBiodiesel.  When made properly Biodiesel is a Much Better fuel than pump diesel, but if made improperly, it can cause damage to a diesel engine over time.

And you can make it at home in about 24 hours, with only about 1 hour of hands on time with our optional dry wash kits.  EZBIODIESEL provides everything you need to get started.   They have been featured on the Garage Mahal TV Show and have a permanent display unit in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry as shown in the photo on the right. 

For much more information about Biodiesel in general, visit 

Or purchase the Do it Yourself Guide to Biodiesel below

EZ40 with 10" drywall shown on display at the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry as featured on the TV Show, Garage Mahal.


Benefits of Biodiesel
  • It's made from Renewable Resources such as soybean, canola, algae, etc

  • Biodiesel reduces our dependence on oil from foreign countries and contributes to our own countries economy

  • Requires no wars & lost American lives the way petrodiesel does

  • Burns up to 90% cleaner than conventional diesel fuel made from fossil fuels. Substantially reduces unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and particulate matter in exhaust fumes.

  • Sulphur dioxide emissions are eliminated (Biodiesel contains no sulphur)

  • Considered an Alternative fuel under EPACT

  • Biodiesel is plant-based and adds almost no CO2 to the atmosphere

  • The ozone-forming potential of Biodiesel emissions is nearly 50% less than conventional diesel fuel

  • Pleasant smelling, both in its raw form, and when burned

  • Biodiesel is Safe. It's considered non toxic and greatly reduces the amount of cancer causing emissions vs petrodiesel

  • Biodiesel also has a much higher flashpoint making it much less likely to ignite in a car wreck or spill

  • Biodiesel is less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as fast as sugar

  • Biodiesel can be used straight in warmer weather (B100) or blended with petro diesel in any ratio and requires no engine modifications to use.

  • Increased Lubricity. Biodiesel has greatly increased lubricating properties vs petro diesel, even in very small quantities.

  • Higher cetane rating

  • Savings - Biodiesel made at home can be made for around .50 - $1.00 a gallon and you won't have to deal with the constant price fluctuations of pump diesel.

No Loss of Power

Today's Diesels are sophisticated engines capable of amazing power and as an owner, I'm sure you don't want to sacrifice power just to burn Biodiesel. Well you don't have to. Biodiesel is basically capable of making as much power as petrodiesel. It actually has a little less power, but because it is a much better at lubricating you end up with about the same power. And because it lubricates better, your engine should last longer too.


Can I use Biodiesel in my New Diesel Engine?

For more information on this, we refer you to many sites on the net which help to answer this.  Click Here to learn more.


For a DIY guide to Algae Biofuels, Click Here!


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We have the following EZBiodiesel Processors available-

         EZ40 - makes 40 Gallons per batch          $ 2995.00 plus shipping SALE $2595.00 plus shipping

         EZ80 - makes 80 Gallons per batch          $ 3595.00 plus shipping  SALE $3095.00 plus shipping

         EZ160 makes 160 Gallons per batch        $ 4795.00 plus shipping  SALE $4195.00 plus shipping

         EZ240 makes 240 Gallons per batch        $ 5995.00 plus shipping   SALE $5295.00 plus shipping


All processors comes with the basics needed to make biodiesel including a full titration kit, Detailed instructions, laminated quick reference sheets, the 'Do it Yourself Guide to Biodiesel' written by the owner and in all bookstores along with full safety gear.  Basically everything except barrels, cooking oil & the chemicals.  The processor size determines how many gallons can be made per batch.  Each batch takes about 1.5 hours hands on time and 2-3 days in actual time, although we can get you a drywash system which cuts the time in half. 

We currently only offer a few accessories such as -

Drywash systems  (prices include shipping):  (check with us to verify current pricing on all items)

  • 6" drywash (includes instructions and 16lb resin)                                                      $  1075.00

  • 10" Drywash with 50lb resin                                                                                      $ 2145.00

  • Larger sizes quoted individually.

  • Drywash Pump:

  • 9 Gal/ hour, adjustable rate, diaphragm                                                                      $  635.00

  • Replacement Resin for drywash rates on request



All processors must be paid for in advance by a credit card paid over the phone. Orders will not be built or shipped until funds are accepted and cleared by our bank which takes 3-5 days after the credit card payment is received.  We currently build these as they are ordered so you will need to give us approximately 2-3 weeks to order all the tanks and pumps and to build the unit and prepare it for shipping. 

All processors are shipped on crated pallets.

Payments for all foreign orders will be accepted by wire transfer only.

To Order, email us with your contact information including a phone number and we will call you to process the order.  Due to the economy we now run this business part time and are not able to answer phone call questions.  We can answer most questions via email, and if not, we will call you. 

For much more information about Biodiesel in general, visit 


We've been featured on TV several times.  Here's a few that you can still view online

EZBiodiesel in the News

Story that aired on TV, but is now just a text version at KKCO News


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Fleet Biodiesel Diesel and Biodiesel Fuel Test Kit - Water and Visual Clarity, 12 Tests, Model# FT-0100

Fleet Biodiesel Diesel and Biodiesel Fuel Test Kit - Water and Visual Clarity, 12 Tests, Model# FT-0100

Test kit provides immediate, unambiguous indicators of fuel quality without the need for technical expertise. Simple test is ideal for anyone who uses biodiesel fuel in their commercial or personal vehicles, giving immediate feedback on whether a fuel meets basic criteria for use. U.S.A. Water and Visual Clarity Test: Yes,Compatible With: Diesel and Bio-diesel,Test Qty.: 12

  • Detects free (emulsified) water in diesel and biodiesel fuel
  • Identifies fuel that may cause damage to vehicle fuel systems and fuel injectors


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