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Disaster Preparedness

No one wants to think about being in a Disaster, whether man made or natural.  But one of the most overlooked, but VERY important things you can do to protect yourself, your family and close friends is to prepare for a disaster.  But wait, maybe you think it doesn't apply to you because you don't feel a disaster is not likely to hit you.  So what might you need to prepare for?

Well how about a few examples you might not of thought of -

  • Bird Flu pandemic or any of another many different flu viruses

  • Hurricane

  • Tornado

  • Tsunami

  • Flood

  • Earthquake

  • Volcanic Eruption

  • Extreme Drought

  • Mudslide or landslide

  • Blizzard

  • Ice Storms

  • Lightning strikes

  • Communicable Diseases

  • Famine

  • Catastrophic Electrical grid collapse

  • Economic Collapse and widespread rioting and looting

  • Terrorist Threats

  • Nuclear Accident

  • Wildfire

  • Or many other disasters that could happen to you, and your family


The US for example could suffer a serious economic collapse any day due to our continued out of control spending.  We can't keep running up this HUGE deficit and just print more and more money to fix it.  I'm not saying we are going to have this collapse, but it sure looks likely one day.  And the people of this country are getting more and more fed up with our government which could one day result in anarchy and unrest.  We could be forced to defend our families from marauders and hostiles if this were to happen.

Or imagine a disaster mother nature deals you, lets say, a huge storm that knocks out electric for weeks.  It happens all the time people, so don't sit there shaking your head like it can't happen to you.  And if the power goes out, guess what?  You won't have running water for drinking, keeping clean, flushing toilets, etc.  This can lead to rampant disease transmission, much like they had just before toilets and running water came to be the norm.   And your food will mostly spoil, you won't be able to heat food up, sanitize water, etc.  You also won't be able to cool or heat your home like normal, gas pumps won't work so no gas for the car, and stores may be shut down with no power.  Or if it's a winter storm, trucks may not be able to bring food in resulting in grocery stores quickly running out of food.

It can happen, but if you're prepared, you can survive it.  You may even survive it comfortable while most others are suffering from cold, lack of food & more.

To learn what you can do to prepare for these emergencies, check out some of our guides below.  Then take action and when the next emergency happens, you'll be prepared to take care of yourself and your family.

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Survival & Disaster Preparedness Guides

Do You Know How To…


  • Build a Safe Shelter?
  • Canning & Preserve Food?
  • Garden in Containers?
  • Homeschool Your Children?
  • Build a Solar Oven?
  • Purify Untreated Water?
  • Give Emergency First Aid?
  • Handle 2012 Survival Scenarios?



  • Navigate by the Sun & Stars?
  • Field Dress Small & Large Game?
  • Survive a Nuclear Attack?
  • Tie Strong Knots & Hitches?
  • Dehydrate & Preserve Meat?
  • Treat Serious Dental Pain?
  • Make a Survival Bow?
  • Buy and Maintain a Handgun?



  • Build a Bug-Out Vehicle?
  • Make and Use Bio-diesel?
  • Make Your Own Ch’arki?
  • Identify & Avoid Venomous Snakes?
  • Defend Yourself Against Attack?
  • Identify Edible & Medicinal Plants?
  • Build a Survival Food Bank?
  • Start Fire Without Matches? & More…
If not, then it's time to get started.....

Just go back to the links section above and find the one that fits your situation and order yours today.

Mastergardening.com has many of the things you'll need to grow your own survival garden.

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